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Zyber Books is the new entrant to the exciting world of online book marketing. We offer attractive terms to books sellers and publishers without affecting the benefits of individual buyers. We make your reading hassle-free with millions of books through a single platform at your fingertips and getting them delivered to your doorstep. We aim to develop a universal interest in reading. Hence, we have collaborated with authors to help them in creating stories and communicate ideas that entertain, inform, encourage, motivate and connect them with readers globally.

Offering you millions of choices, Zyberbooks can be the final destination for any bibliophile. We take you through the paradise of books you are craving. The genres are well-categorized and it would help you detangle your cluttered interests. Also, we are devoted to developing our role as an online cultural institution that serves society not only with the books we publish and investments we make in new ideas, creativity, and diverse voices, but also undergo actions worldwide that promote literacy and reading culture, support freedom of expression and reflect our belief in the power of books to connect and change lives.

Our Mission

Zyberbooks is created for the love of books. Our mission is to leave a spark in non-readers and pave them a way to discover the literary treasure we’ve shared in the quest. We are dedicated to helping you with the book or bookseller you seek and be your one-stop solution as an online book store. In a world increasingly globalized and seemingly spinning faster, we are working to position ourselves somewhere between the old and the new, somewhere between our local community and the world around us, between profit and social responsibility, and between dreams and practicality.


Our Vision

Bringing you all the books worldwide through a single platform to you we endeavor to set our footprints globally as the best and premium online marketplace for booksellers in the world. Our vision revolves around connecting the bibliophiles around the world and thus build an online community. We also strive to be titled as the paradise of Bibliophiles who leave a spark of social responsibility towards mankind.


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